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The idea is that whatever you can order off the menu at the restaurant, is what you should be able to order to go…and that includes alcohol.

When the pandemic started, rules changed for “to go” orders and they allowed for sealed alcoholic beverages to be ordered, well, they want to keep that going to help restaurants.

This article just came out in Creative Loafing and basically they are saying they want to keep it going here in Florida to help out the hospitality business.

The legal mumble jumble is this:  the Senate Regulated Industries Committee became the first legislative panel to support this, which was put into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis that allows restaurants to include alcoholic drinks or bottles as part of take-home meals.

They would cap individual container sizes at 32 ounces and require motorists to place the drinks in locked compartments, vehicle trunks or in areas behind the last upright seats in vehicles.

So….booze to go!  It’s going to help so many struggling restaurants!

Mixed drinks to go: Jennifer Bradley files booze delivery bill

After the year Floridians have had, one of the state's newest Senators thinks they might need a libation or two. Sen. Jennifer Bradley of North Central Florida's Senate District 5, who previously told Florida Politics' Jacksonville Bold that she was looking to make takeout mixed drinks a permanent option, filed legislation to do just that Friday.

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