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If you’re going to fake an excuse to take a day off work, here’s how not to do it. You’ve got to at least try to stick the landing. Crazy story about this 20-year-old woman named Roberta Clark who works as an electrician in Scotland.  And last Tuesday, she was at a baby gender reveal party, but she texted her boss that she couldn’t make it into work because of the snow.

Then, just a few seconds later, she meant to text a friend a picture of a huge bottle of champagne she was about to open at the party. Guess what? Oops. She accidentally sent that picture to her boss instead. She apologized, and amazingly enough, her boss seemed cool with it.  He told her he’d see her tomorrow. Would your boss have done the same? Haaaaaa.

Moral of the story. Try not to lie so much. Or, have a nice boss who knows you’re a liar. Haaaaa. And, is fine with that.

Read the story HERE


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