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I was getting 5 to 10 robocalls a day. Every day. My Mobile provider offered us a “Scam Shield” and it helps. A lot! Still get those calls almost daily (from a local number) about my Car Warranty!

When you get a call from an unknown number, do you answer it? Or, do you think, “If it’s actually something important they’ll leave a voicemail”? You ain’t alone. Pretty much all of us do that these days.  A new survey found 94% of people won’t answer calls from any unknown numbers.  That’s up from 72% one year ago.

One of the reasons for the jump is the number of scam calls has skyrocketed during the pandemic. There were more than 50 billion scam calls to Americans last year. And, last month, there were an average of 129.5 million every day, or 1,500 each second. Wait! Don’t throw your fancy schmancy phone out the window. It’s not the phone’s fault!

We’re told the robocalls declined in 2020 as COVID-19 closed some call centers. But, they’re baaaaack.  Robocall volumes “appear to be resuming their slow journey back toward their pre-pandemic levels,” according to the YouMail head honcho (CEO Alex Quilici). By the way, there are Robocall APPS. And, YouMail offers a free robocall blocking app for mobile phones.

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