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You’ve heard that sometimes people an their pets look alike. Would you say you and your pet look alike? And then there’s this. Some people and their pets take on the same (or similar) personalities. Does that fit you to a tee? Over half of pet owners say Yes. Over half! 55% of people with pets think their cat or dog has taken on some of their personality traits.

Are you both shy? friendly? smart? stinky? OK, maybe that’s just me and Peanut Butter (my dog) that are stinky.

Here are the ten most common traits people used to describe their pets.

1.  Smart.  62% agreed with that one.

2.  Curious, 42%.

3.  Funny, 38%.

4.  Anxious, 30%.

5.  Easily-frightened, 26%.

6.  Fussy, 24%.

7.  Goofy, 23%.

8.  Annoying, 20%.

9.  Weird, 20%.

10.  Self-centered, 15%.

1 in 3 also agreed that their pet can be a bit of a “drama queen” sometimes

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