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Loved watching the Bucs victory boat parade yesterday. So fun. For some, more fun than others. Haaa. Is that Tom Brady hammered or what? Several videos of him stumbling around, looking like he’s had a few.  And being held as he walked on dry land. Brady even responded to one on Twitter, saying, quote, “Noting to see her . . . just litTle avoCado tequila.”

He had adult supervision and deserved every minute of it. They all did. Go Bucs!

The best and hottest trending video of Brady is him on a boat throwing the Lombardi trophy across the water to Gronk on a different boat. Even though Gronk caught two touchdowns in the Super Bowl, he’s also known for DENTING a previous Lombardi trophy. Luckily, Cameron Brate was there to make the catch and save the trophy from certain doom. Whew! That was close. And funny as heck.

(Here’s Brady’s toss.  Here’s the UNCENSORED view from Gronk’s boat.  And here’s the Lombardi trophy that Gronk dented two years ago.)

(Here’s an UNCENSORED look at Brady looking a little drunk . . . and an UNCENSORED one of him looking MORE drunk.  Maybe it was just his “sea legs”?)


Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski BROMANCE In Photos: 



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