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This week has been full of celebrations in honor of our Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning Super Bowl LV right here at home.

Many of the Bucs players hit the Hillsborough River this afternoon for a boat parade in Downtown Tampa and let me just say Tom Brady probably won’t remember it come tomorrow. Good for him! He’s worked super hard this season with the rest of the team. I don’t think the guy drinks during the season and to see him like this is kinda funny. You have to check out the video of him struggling to walk after the boat parade came to an end:

Later in the day, Tom Brady responded to the video on Twitter: “Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila”

He might have had a little too much to drink but he can still make a perfect pass. While on the water he passed the Lombardi Trophy to another teammate on another boat. Pretty impressive! Check out this video from our friends at ABC Action News:

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