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What’s the most romantic thing to drink on Valentine’s Day?  If you said beer, we need to talk. Haaaa. Red wine and champagne topped the list in a new poll.  But martinis and yes, even beer also cracked the top 10.  If I drink all of these on Valentine’s Day, does it cease to be classy?

Most couples (7 of 10) agree this year’s Valentine’s Day will look a little bit (ok a lot) different because of the pandemic. Remember, what you drink on your fist date matters.  Here we have 2,000 people who were asked to name the most romantic boozy beverages you can drink on a date.  Here are the top 10.

1.  Red wine.  41% of people said it’s one of the most romantic options.

2.  Champagne, 38%.

3.  White wine, 37%.

4.  Rosé, 29%.

5.  Wine cocktails like sangria, 26%.  So the top five are all wine.

6.  Martinis, 19%.

7.  Beer, 19%.

8.  Vodka soda, 14%.

9.  Gin and tonic, 14%.

And 16% said none of the above.

Check it out HERE