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Sure we all get busy at work. Right? But, is there any chance your job is “blocking you out” of any chance of a real relationship? If you’re 40, and still single. Um, maybe. That’s life. But if you do want to work on a relationship, might need to work on your work first.  Could you actually be single, because of your job?

Here are the jobs where people are most likely to be single at 40, according to Census data.  The top three are:  Bartenders, hotel desk clerks, and food processing workers. And it definitely seems like working nights, strange hours, or elbow deep in raw meat are not good for settling down.  Check ’em out.

1.  Bartenders, 70% are single at age 40.

2.  Hotel desk clerks, 66%.

3.  Food processing workers, 66%.

4.  Brick masons, 66%.

5.  Restaurant hosts, 66%.

6.  Agricultural food graders and sorters, 65%.

7.  Actors, 64%.

8.  Flight attendants, 62%.

9.  Vehicle cleaners, 62%.

10.  Butchers, 61%.

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