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I understand. Being alone for Valentine’s Day may seem really, really tough.  But. Hey. Turn that frown upside down. You don’t have to share the TV. AKA: You don’t have to watch a bunch of lame TV shows you hate. Haaaa. One benefit of staying single.

If you do have to share, and suffer – you’re not alone. This study says the average person in a relationship sits through four hours of stupid, krappy, and lame (my words, not theirs) shows and movies a week that they don’t really like. That’s 208 hours a year, for love!? Explains how I have seen every episode of the Kardashians, and Pitt Bulls & Parolees. Is it true love, or fear of remote fight? The answer – Yes. It is.

Two-thirds said they’d rather sit through a show or movie they hate than fight over the remote or start an argument.

1.  65% said sitting through a show you hate is a “sign of true love.”

2.  42% said it would be a deal-breaker if someone they were dating hated their FAVORITE show or movie.

3.  Most people said that when they can’t find something to watch, they usually fall back on something they’ve already seen.

4.  And 59% said they’ve grabbed food before sitting down in front of the TV . . . and then finished eating before they found something to watch.

Check out study HERE


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