Are you spending more time in the kitchen thanks to the pandemic? Cooking more?  Lots of leftovers, I bet. Smell anything funky? Check the fridge. Haaa. No. Really. Check the fridge. Yep, the back of your fridge.  There might still be some of you best work there. Rotting.

According to the latest “stinky” report, the average American has five expired items stinking up their fridge right now. Let’s say it together. Ewwwww ! That old fruit, lasagna, and moldy leftovers are one of the most common culprits.  The smelliest offenders also include broccoli, fish, and old fruit that’s gone bad. Sometimes the smell is so bad, we toss out the container rather than cleaning “whatever that is” out of it. Am I right?

Here are five more stats from the study.

1.  It takes an average of five weeks of something going bad in our fridge before we’ll investigate the smell.

2.  Around two-thirds of people said they have more leftovers in their fridge now than they normally would.

3.  The things that annoy us the most about forgotten leftovers are wasting food . . . the clean-up . . . the smell . . . and wasting time cooking when you had something you could just heat up.

4.  48% of us have thrown out an entire container of leftovers . . . including the Tupperware . . . because it was too gross to wash.

5.  The last time the average person cleaned out their fridge was in early September.

Check it out HERE


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