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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds to win the Super Bowl might go up if this life changing moment happens for Patrick Mahomes…

Last September Patrick Mahomes and his fiance, Brittany, announced they were expecting and although they haven’t revealed the due date of their little girl… We have reason to believe it could be very soon. When I say VERY soon, I mean in the next week. I did some research and people usually announce their pregnancy after the first trimester, which would be around week 13. If they announced their pregnancy in the late Summer after their first trimester, then the Super Bowl could be the due date. I know it’s a stretch but I couldn’t imagine any mom-to-be wanting the soon-to-be daddy to miss that moment… Even if it was the Super Bowl. Did I mention it would be his first born? Call me crazy but if Patrick is whisked away to join his fiance to welcome his baby into the world, the Bucs have it in the bag!

“But whenever it happens, it happens. But we can wait ’til maybe a few weeks after the game, that would probably be ideal.”

– Patrick Mahomes during interview with Fox 4

All jokes aside, I wish Patrick Mahomes the very best but we all know the Bucs will take home the Lombardi Trophy regardless if the baby is born this weekend.

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