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When Keith Urban gives a Christmas gift, it tends to be memorable. Such is the case this past Christmas with a gift Keith gave to his buddy and “We Were” duet partner Eric Church.

According to Taste Of Country, Eric said of the Christmas / thank you gift, a 1933 Martin guitar, “I came back and it was underneath the tree and I was blown away. He was thanking for the ‘We Were’ song that we had. Unbelievable.”

“We Were” was co-written by Church, who would later add vocals to a remake of the song, turning it into a duet and a radio hit. It ended up being the first single on Urban’s The Speed of Now Part 1 album.

Church doesn’t know where Urban found what he calls a “pre-war” model, a term that applies to coveted instruments constructed before World War II.

He notes, “He says we got to talk about it at some point in time.”

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