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I tell everyone when the Covid lockdown first hit, we went all “Waffles” at my house.  Crazy because it wasn’t something we did intentionally. My wife just broke out the waffle iron from under the cabinet. And, we ate waffles every morning for what felt like a month. (really closer to 2 weeks). We usually broke out the waffle iron when we had company. Comfort food. Big time.

Our house, standard comfort foods include Spaghetti, Grilled Chicken Wings, (almost anything grilled), and Miss Lisa’s World Famous “Country” Fried Chicken, and/or Meatloaf. We should probably add Nachos to the list. And Tacos. As you can see, we like being comfortable with our comfort food.

A new study figured out the top comfort foods we ate to get through last year, based on Google search trends across the country. What is your top comfort food?

Here are the top 10 . . .

1. Grilled cheese.

2. Fried chicken.

3. Chicken and waffles.

4. Chili.

5. Pot roast.

6. Baked potato soup.

7. Chicken and dumplings.

8. Chicken noodle soup.

9. Mashed potatoes.

10. Strawberry shortcake.

Read the story HERE


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