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In Super Bowl 55, Brady will be taking on Mahomes and the defending champion Chiefs, who easily knocked off the Bills by a score of 38-24.

Both games could’ve been much more competitive, but the losing teams . . . the Packers and the Bills . . . played too conservatively in the Fourth Quarters, settling for field goals and punts instead of being aggressive on fourth downs. So there won’t be any new blood this year.  Mahomes won the Super Bowl last season and Brady won it the previous season.  This will be the first ever Super Bowl between the last two Super Bowl-winning QBs.

It’s also just the seventh Super Bowl between QBs who had previously won one.  The Bucs will also be the first team in history to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium. It’s REALLY hard to get to the Super Bowl, and yet Brady is headed to his 10th, which is insane.  This will be Mahomes’ second. Mahomes joked that Brady has played in 150 Super Bowls.

Brady is 43.  Mahomes is 25.  So, Brady was winning Super Bowls back when Mahomes was SIX, which probably puts him in First Grade. Brady will now start his fourth Super Bowl in the last five seasons.  It’s also his third since turning 40.  No other quarterback has started one Super Bowl in his 40s.

Obviously, there are plenty of haters out there who will be rooting for the Chiefs, especially since, for Brady, there aren’t many records he doesn’t already own. Brady has made more Super Bowl appearances and has more Super Bowl wins than any other player. GO BUCS!