Coronavirus Information Center

The state of Florida now requires proof of residency for people getting COVID-19 vaccines. The State Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees signed a Public Health Advisory on Thursday (1/21/21).

The new policy applies to state-run vaccination sites. Residents will be required to show their Florida ID or a utility bill in order to get the shot.

“The COVID-19 vaccine remains scarce within the United States and vaccine availability in Florida is extremely limited,” the advisory stated.

To view the full public health advisory, click here.

This comes after numerous stories about “Vaccine Tourism” spiking. Reports of many Americans from other states booking travel to Florida for a vaccine and a vacation.

The Florida Department of Health reported 12,873 new cases of COVD-19 on Thursday (1/21). 94,870 of those cases in Hillsborough County and 55,564 of those cases in Pinellas County. The state of Florida reports a total number of cases to be over 1.6 million.


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