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Keith Connors

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Just wanted to share the end of our day. It was an average day. With some added bumps in the road.

We are not. Not disappointed. Not discouraged. Not angry.  We remain grateful. Take a few seconds and join us as we bike away the day. Stay in faith friends. And thank you for listening to QYK. We do appreciate you so much. There is always something, or someone to bring us up, lift our spirits.  All we have to do, is look. Be aware. So proud of my new friends here at QYK. We have all been through a rough year. Perhaps more to come. This QYK family I work with remains positive. Morning crew, programmers, producers, managers. These are the kind of  people we need in our lives.

If you think you do not have enough positive people in your life. Let me assure you. You do. Us. Do whatever it takes to refresh your spirit. Walk. Bike. Run. Paddle. Fly. Share your pics, videos, and smiles.  Join us. And, Stay Positive.


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I trust dogs and horses, love country music, and country fried chicken. Fought many men, and loved only 1 woman. She's from Nashville, so the accent. Life is short. Make somebody smile, Dog-gonnit. Haaaaaa.