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Shocking. Not. Try not to get all stressed out about this one. A new survey says, three out of four people say 2020 was the most stressful year of their lives. Are you in this group? I get ya.  Man, do I ever.

I had 3 great jobs when Covid hit. No insurance or benefits, but enough work to pay the bills. Then Furlough from one job, and job #2 went bust. My #3 job is basically teaching twice a week, so I was already doing that on Zoom. Who knew. But only pays a few dollars each week. Enter, stress. Add concern for family and friends about Covid, safety, and bad news of some who had issues. Yep, maybe the most stressful year. Like. Ever. This radio station survived, and at the end of the year, hired me. Thank God. But still, stress.

And it’s not like things magically got LESS stressful once we got to 2021. But with all of the things we COULD stress about, what’s getting to the most people?  Here are the top five . . .

1.  Lack of savings.

2.  The current state of the country.

3.  Politics and everything surrounding the presidential election.

4.  Living paycheck to paycheck.

5.  And worrying about you or someone you know getting Covid.

Unfortunately, this additional stress and anxiety might be here to stay: the average respondent feels their stress and anxiety levels won’t go back to normal for almost six months.  I’m thinking over a year, easy. But, don’t stress about it. Florida, BTW is #26 on the list of states with most stress. Iowa & Nebraska are “chill” if you need to move to a less stress state. Or state of mind.

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