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Live Streaming Concert Experience February 11th, 2021 @ 8:30pm

Carly Pearce recently had a chance to host a night of performances at the Grand Ole Opry, and she says hosting is definitely something she would love to do more of in her career.

She shared, “I mean, I look at the two ladies to me that are just really showing me what I want to do, as far as being someone in the industry, is Dolly and Reba, and they do it best.”

Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire have both hosted the CMA Awards and the ACM Awards, and Pearce says, “I would love to start to kinda tap into that. I didn’t throw up, pass out or die on stage at the Opry, so I feel like that was a good, just starter for me.”

Carly Pearce