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How are you feeling about 2021? Do you think this year will get better? Worse? Or stay the same? On one hand, it can be tough to feel optimistic about 2021 all things considered.  But on the other hand, it can’t be worse than last year, right? Dang. I sure hope not. Most people just want to “get out” and travel, see family and friends, go to shows and have fun. Remember shows? Concerts? Museums? I’m gonna stay positive! We’ll get there. Yes, this year. Just, not tomorrow.

According to a new survey, 80% of Americans say that in spite of everything, they feel optimistic about this year. The top three things that are keeping people’s optimism up are:

1.  A hope the pandemic will end this year.

2.  The fact that 2020 is over.

3.  And the idea of traveling more this year.

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Peace, QYKeith


I trust dogs and horses, love country music, and country fried chicken. Fought many men, and loved only 1 woman. She's from Nashville, so the accent. Life is short. Make somebody smile, Dog-gonnit. Haaaaaa.