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Live Streaming Concert Experience February 11th, 2021 @ 8:30pm

Justin Moore called in to J.R., Launa and Kevin from Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe to talk about a few things including Super Bowl prop bets and how Justin coaches basketball. Justin also talked about his new song is called “We Didn’t Have Much”.

So what kind of a basketball player is Justin Moore?

“I was a good player, but I was a role player. You know, I usually guarded the best guy on the other team. I was pretty good at defense and I played point guard. So I was more worried about getting ten or twelve assists the game rather than thirty points, you know what I mean? I played on a really, really good team that had a lot of skill guys. So they made me a lot better for sure.”

Speaking about his new song, “We Didn’t Have Much”, Justin said it was too good not to record, “…my family and I’ve kind of been forced to lead a bit more simple life throughout this whole thing. And I think this song kind of speaks to the beauty in that simplicity.”

The Krewe had to ask Justin Moore about the playoffs and the Big Game. J.R. asked him what he thought Tampa Bay’s chances were to get into the Big Game, he says, “you can’t ever bet against Tom Brady”.

Listen to the whole interview below.