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Can you say, dream gig? Yep. A binge watcher needed to Netflix and Pizza? Getting paid to watch TV. There are very few jobs I feel overqualified for. Sitting on the couch, watching TV is one of ’em! Haaaaa.  A website is hiring a “professional binge watcher.”  They’ll pay someone $500 to watch Netflix and eat pizza, then post reviews of the shows and the pizzas. Don’t know about you, but – I’m All In Baby!

I may have been last to the party, but watched Queens Gambit, Mandalorian, and The Flight Attendant in 5 1/2 days. I’m feelin pretty qualified. How ’bout you? You can apply on the site HERE through February 12th. Don’t be mad if I get the gig first.  LOL. Truth is, they say unfortunately, they’re going to pick the person at random.  You know, just like most companies seem to do when you apply for jobs. Good luck!

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I trust dogs and horses, love country music, and country fried chicken. Fought many men, and loved only 1 woman. She's from Nashville, so the accent. Life is short. Make somebody smile, Dog-gonnit. Haaaaaa.