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I picked the wrong month to stop Tequila Shots! Haaa. Or, maybe not that funny. Seems like lots of folks I know announced they were starting a Dry January. Can’t blame them. After a super kruddy 2020, and more than likely a “mostly hammered” December.  You know what I mean. Some of us went off the rails last month.

Now we see about 20% total fail rate, and it’s still early. 11% of drinkers pledged to go alcohol-free in January, according to a new survey.  But 20% have had some drinks already . . . and another 8% have given up on the plan entirely.  As in, “I’m never doin that again.”

Here’s the good news.  Some have been able to stick with it. 72% say yes, they’re still alcohol free. 20% have had SOME drinks, but they are, quote, “still trying to cut back.” And then there’s that total fail rate – 8% have given up on January sobriety entirely. There’s always February people! Good luck with that.


Check out the YouGov story HERE


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