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Carrie Underwood says that New Year’s Eve hasn’t really been a big deal in her life and this year as people stay home due to the pandemic, Carrie will be doing much of the same.

She told us, “I wouldn’t say we really have any traditions. We’ve done everything from just going out to dinner to playing in Times Square. I am trying to remember what we even did last year. I don’t know. I can’t even remember.”

Carrie adds, “No real traditions other than just hanging out and that will probably be what we do this year. Obviously, we’re not going to go anywhere, but I’ll be with my husband and maybe Isaiah will try to make it to midnight. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Underwood will have the TV on though. She offers, “I feel like we always have something on in the background for sure. I love it when they shoot other parts of the world and see them ring in the New Year.”

After a rough 2020, she notes that she looks to leave the last year behind, “I think the most important part is that everybody is looking forward to a fresh start and having that hope that next year is going to be going to be a little better.”

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