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A Ruskin restaurant got a holiday surprise from a generous customer who was passing along the 2020 Tip Challenge.

What is the 2020 Tip Challenge? It is a challenge that went viral shortly after New Years Day 2020, where random restaurant patrons would leave tips of either $20.20 or even $2,020 to unsuspecting servers.

This time it happened at South Shore Pizza in Ruskin. The order cost the customer less than $30. The tip, however, was $2,020. The customer asked that it be split among the employees.

All of our employees would like to thank the generous customer who tipped $2020 on a large pizza and 8 piece wing order....

Posted by South Shore Pizza on Friday, December 18, 2020

Ruskin pizza shop gets big tip

Customer leave huge tip on pizza order in Ruskin

Here’s a brief history of the 2020 Tip Challenge.
[Source: ABC Action News]


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