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Morgan Wallen made headlines in October when he was kicked off of a Saturday Night Live appearance after partying with girls with no mask on at an Alabama college campus (footage of his antics spread quickly thanks to social media). While he did get to appear on SNL a couple months later, Morgan admits it isn’t always easy to be in the spotlight.

Wallen told us, “It’s been interesting to try to figure out. I’ve just been trying to learn what comes along with success. I was always told growing up when much is given, much is required and I’ve always believed that. But I’ve also been the type to learn my lesson the hard way. That’s just continued with me in my life and I’m okay with that. Usually once I learn something, I do get it.”

He adds handling fame is not something he was taught, “I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the right things the right way. Some of the things that come along with fame are different. I wasn’t raised up to understand how to handle it. My mom didn’t cultivate me to be famous.”

Morgan Wallen