Florida Georgia Line has learned a few things about life and family during 2020.

Tyler Hubbard knows that good things can go away as quick as they came. He says, “It’s a reality check that anything that you love or whatever you live for can be taken away instantly, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And for us it’s more than just music. You know, music’s what we love and we obviously miss the live portion of that, but it was just a reminder of how grateful we are.”

Hubbard explains, “When we get back out on the road I think the fans are gonna be more grateful, I think we’re gonna be more grateful for it and also just excited and inspired as well. BK and I, we’ve always said, ‘Man, I wish we could have some true off-time.’ And so, we got what we wished for and obviously now we’re ready to get on back to it.”

He adds, “I think we made the most of it and I think we were re-inspired. I think it’s been really good for us overall. So, we’re excited for the future and thankful for this year, ultimately.”

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