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If you are looking for an unusual or different way to wrap your gifts this year, here are some creative suggestions.

Make Presents Personal

This wrapping idea on Pinterest involves printing and putting photos on presents instead of gift tags to make them more unique. The video has another way to do this below, but using polaroids.

Try this simple photo gift wrapping idea!

I'm all about finding ways to get photos off my camera and phone and into real life settings, and this personalised gift wrapping is a perfect opportunity! I...

Add Accessories To Your Boxes

A great way to spruce a package up is to add accessories and objects like pine cones, twine, bells, and poinsettias to them.


heyhey! I wanted to show you guys how to wrap your presents in a simple, fun and in different ways this season with using just 3 different colored craft pape...

Dollar Store Hacks

Take your boxes to the next level with inexpensive items from the dollar store. Some suggestions are below.

Gift Wrapping Hacks Using Dollar Tree Supplies

I'm sharing some awesome gift wrapping ideas using all stuff from the Dollar Tree. So wrap your presents in unique and creative ways, but don't break the ban...

Wrap It Like A Shirt 

This hack shows a very cool way to make an everyday present look like a men’s shirt. It’s a perfect way to make the gift for the man in your life look sleek and original.

DIY : Gift wrapping idea by Søstrene Grene

A fun and alternative type of gift wrapping which certainly will evoke joy, Anna believes. Watch the video and discover how Anna makes a gift look like a han...

Teddy Bear Presents

Make your child’s gifts a little more stylish with this easy teddy bear gift hack.

How to wrap a gift in different and stylish way | Gift wrapping ideas for kids

How to wrap a gift in different and stylish way | Gift wrapping ideas for kids | How to wrap a gift | Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas Let's learn - How to ...

Money Wraps

Just because you are giving the easy gift of money doesn’t mean you can’t deliver it in a fancy way. These videos have a few ways to give cash in a fun way.

3 Creative Ways to Wrap Cash

Forget the boring card and envelope and try these fun cash gifting ideas. Find more great content from HGTV Canada: HGTV Canada YouTube C...

DIY Money Gift wrap Ideas|Money Gifts

DIY Money Gift wrap Ideas|Money Gifts


Timestamps:0:01 - how to give money creatively3:16 - how to fold money like a boss5:31 - creative ways to leave a tip9:13 - money tricks---------------------...