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After a parent has passed its hard to go through firsts without them. This dad thought ahead before losing his battle with cancer.

Matt was surprised when he had found out that his first alcoholic drink was paid for by his dad. He was shocked because his dad had passed away six years ago. Well, it was because his sister was holding onto a $10 bill given to her by their dad for this special moment.. He asked her to save it for Matt’s 21st birthday, so he could buy his son his first legal drink. While I go dry my tears you can check out the touching story below:

'Like He Was There': Late Father Buys Son First Beer On 21st Birthday

TAUNTON (CBS) - Matt Goodman was surprised on his 21st birthday with a beer, from his dad. It was unexpected because Matt's father John had passed away from cancer nearly six years ago. "The morning of my birthday we went out to breakfast and ordered that first beer and it was actually like he was there buying me my first beer," Matt said.

[Source: CBS Local Boston]

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