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Lots of Taylor Swifts fans think she dropped a big hint she is engaged in her new re-recorded song…Love Story

What do you think?

Taylor Swift has some dedicated fans.  They are obsessed with her and watch her every move.  Taylor is very well known for dropping in secrets and clues into some of her music or videos about her personal life.

So, now her fans are thinking she is engaged to her boyfriend of four years, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor is rerecording her old music and she just released  “Love Story” 2.0 and found something.

Fans caught the not-so-subtle shade thrown at Scooter Braun in the Ryan Reynolds commercial, which featured the rerecording of “Love Story.” If you look closely, Satan and his lover take a selfie in front of a dumpster fire. Behind them, a discarded scooter rests on the ground in front of another blue dumpster. The number six is graffitied on the wall behind it to symbolize the albums she doesn’t own yet

But…there is a bigger deal….One fan on Twitter pointed out there seems to be a pretty suspicious lyrical change in the new version of “Love Story.” They heard, “It’s a love story; baby just said yes” instead of “It’s a love story; baby just say yes.”


Here's the not-so-subtle way Taylor Swift shaded Scooter Braun in Ryan Reynolds' ad

It wouldn't be a Taylor Swift reveal without an Easter egg. The superstar blessed fans with a snippet of her re-recorded version of "Love Story" in Ryan Reynolds' new Match ad on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The funny clip shows a devilish Satan falling in love with a woman named 2020, which the actor called a "match made in hell."