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Love having the house decorated for the holidays….but dragging all the stuff out of the shed or down from at attic is a different story…well…here is some good news.

Walmart just announced a Christmas tree delivery program and even a Christmas lights installation service this year.

Christmas tree options range from recently chopped to potted plants, all from three to nine-feet tall. They’ll also drop off things like wreaths and poinsettias.

They’ve also partnered with Handy for its lights installation program, which is limited to single or double-story homes.

By the way…installation on single-story homes costs $129, while for a double-story it’s $199.

And if you want them to remove your lights it’ll cost you $99 for a one-story home and $159 for a two-story home.

You can order both services on Walmart’s website.

Lowe’s also launched a holiday tree delivery plan.

Walmart will deliver your Christmas trees and hang your lights for you this year - see how it works

Walmart has launched a Christmas tree delivery program and a Christmas lights installation service this year. In line with rising e-commerce trends amid the coronavirus pandemic, both services can be ordered online. Walmart isn't the only retail giant to announce a Christmas tree delivery initiative: last month, Lowe's rolled out its own holiday tree home drop-off service as well.

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