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Governor Ron DeSantis spoke today and announced the coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and Tampa General was on the list.

In the state of Florida five hospitals will have the ability to store and distribute millions of doses of the vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna as soon as next month. This is some exciting news after having a tough 2020. Governor DeSantis says that when the FDA approves the vaccines they’ll be shipped across the country within 24 hours. He thinks it could be between three to six weeks. We are lucky to live in the area because Tampa General will get doses along with AdventHealth Orlando, UF Health Jacksonville, Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood and Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

There is no plan for administering doses to the public yet but it’s nice to know they might be here soon. It’s still pretty early before any of us can get a vaccine but it’s a nice glimmer of hope for things to go back to normal.


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