Carly Pearce revealed to E! News that on Halloween night, she tripped and fell hard knocking out her two front teeth.

She told E! at the CMA Awards last night (11/11), “I fell and knocked my two front teeth out. I had a bunch of stitches in my mouth, looked completely different than what I looked like right now, and it was kind of scary because I knew I was going into the biggest week of my life.”

Carly added, “It looked really bad. It was scary. I was just really fortunate to get doctors that helped and knew the pressure I was under. But with every day, I was like, ‘Please Lord, let my face heal so I can do this’ because this is such a huge moment.”

After a year that involved a divorce, her touring life coming to a halt because of the pandemic and now this scary fall, Pearce does say she is grateful for the CMA love. She offered, “I feel like 2020 has shown me what can happen in your career and to your life. I am just going into the new year excited about new music, excited about this chapter for me and just feeling really good.”

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