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Ever since Walt Disney World reopened this Summer they have required masks and made a few changes from then until now. Just this week, a brand new update has been posted around the park.

First, all types of face masks were required for ages two and older. Then, there were some restrictions on which face masks were and were not allowed. As time went on people found loopholes and would eat and drink as they walked around the park to wear their mask as least as possible. Disney caught wind of it and said that you cannot take off your mask unless eating or drinking, but guests must be still and socially distanced from other guests. Just a couple weeks ago, Disney added signs saying the masks are to be worn properly, under the chin and over the nose, or the guest will be asked to leave.

Now, eating and drinking will NOT be allowed… while in line for rides.

The only way you can take off your mask is seated in a “Relaxation Station,” eating at a sit-down or quick-service restaurant or step to the side away from other guests while walking around the parks.

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