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It’s been a stressful couple of days — and a stressful year — which, perhaps, makes it a good time to share some happiness, Kenny Chesney style.

Kenny’s latest single “Happy Does” nears the top ten on the country charts this week and as Chesney says, it may be something that we all need right now.

He said, “The first time I heard ‘Happy Does’ it made me smile a lot because I love the idea of my audience and the people that listen to this music, living their best life. And I think it’s really hard in today’s world and the social media world where you’re drawn in to what everyone else is doing and how everyone else is living their life instead of concentrating on your own.”

Kenny added, “You know it’s just being happy and being thankful. Those are the things that I try to lean on and I really believe that it’s the type of song that my audience will gravitate to.”

Kenny Chesney - Happy Does (Audio)

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