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Cam called in to talk to J.R., Launa and Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe about her new song called “Classic”. Cam has played our QYK Guitar Pull and had a big hit in 2015 with “Burning House”.

Cam is also a new mom, and we wanted to know about baby Lucy’s nursery – is it yellow, Cam’s signature color?

“Actually, her color is green, really green everywhere in her nursey…But I like that kind of colour-coordinating thing, you know. So like once I take a color then it’s everywhere. So her crib, her dresser, the wall, everything’s green.”

But yellow is still Cam’s color, however, on her new album, she is adding to her color wheel.

“And then I also even have with this new album, the other side, I have kind of like this black and white kind of vibe and a little bit of silver, like kind of this darkness and light that is being woven in throughout all these stories because it’s really versatile album. It’s got, you know, the love stories. It’s got the heartbreak. It’s got the revenge. It’s got loneliness. It’s got all kinds of stuff. But it sort of weave the dark and the light together throughout all of it. And so you see a lot of black and white, too, on that.“

As for what her favorite song is on the new album, she couldn’t pick just one, but there is one she is really liking at the moment.

“There’s a song called ‘What Goodbye Means’. And it sort of reminds me of, like, vintage Reba. Oh, I’m kind of into that one right now being like it’s sort of sentimental. It’s like a song about a friend of mine went through a divorce and it was kind of ugly and he was being so sweet back to her. And I said, you know, why are you being so nice? And he said she might change your mind. I knew that feeling of like, you’re not ready to fully admit what’s going on just cause you can’t take it all at once, you know. And so the song is, is that really your slowly telling yourself the truth that you don’t fully want to hear? And it’s what goodbye means. It’s so beautiful.”

Cam being one of the best writers in Nashville, what does songwriting mean to her?

“I think deep down songs, are like they just hit you. Like you feel it in your body. Like when I see people sing back ‘Burning House’ or Diane, you know like I can see that it’s coming from a place in them that you don’t have to fully, you know, dissect it or anything to be able to enjoy it. And I like that part.”

Listen to the full interview below.

Cam called in to talk to J.R., Launa and Tampa Bay's Morning Krewe about her new song called "Classic".

Posted by 99.5 QYK on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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