Luke Bryan and his family have a couple of family traditions that they do each Halloween on his farm near Nashville.

Luke says, “My tradition for Halloween is Caroline picks the outfit. I never know what I’m wearing. So that day, I’ll talk to the neighbors ‘cause I have a tractor back there and I’ll go get my tractor and get a big long trailer, and then I’ll run down to…a couple miles from the farm, we’ve got a big hay farmer that keeps hay and you run in there and pay him for his hay bales.”

He adds, “And I’ll load the hay up and get the hayride ready and we’ll take all the kids behind the tractor and have a fun Halloween with all that.”

Bryan posted some Halloween costumes that he and his wife Caroline have worn in years past to Instagram. He wrote, “Any guesses on what @linabryan3 is going to get me into this year? #TBT.”

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