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It has been six months but starting next week jury trials are expected to resume in Hillsborough County.

Be prepared, because on Monday in Downtown Tampa traffic is going to pick up. Jury trials are returning with all new safety guidelines. They said to reduce the spread of COVID-19 there will be temperature checks, masks and social distancing. It seems as though if you are serving on a jury your days might look a little different because instead of one large jury pool, jurors will arrive in much smaller groups at different times. Enhanced cleaning will be conducted every time a group of jurors leave. Those guidelines are going to be put into place plus so much more!

Here is another crazy fact: Andrew Warren, Hillsborough County State Attorney, said that there is a HUGE back log of jury trials. Warren’s office would normally handle more than 180 trials in that six month span. WOAH! They have a lot of catching up to do.

You might be called for jury duty so check your mail…



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