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A mountain lion was protecting her cubs and it was all caught on his cell phone.

This video is crazy!!

This guy who is 26 was hiking alone in Utah on Saturday came across a baby mountain lion….how cute right?  Well…it’s mama was also there and didn’t like the hiker being around her cub at all….and well…tried to chase him off.

Can you imagine a mean mama mountain lion coming after you?

I don’t’ even know what I would do.  This guy…pulls out his cell phone and recorded for 6 minutes.

This mountain lion got within 4 feet of him and lunged at him a couple times – it’s pretty intense.

The man thought he was going to die.

The mountain lion was simply protecting her cubs.  When he threw a rock at her, she finally took off.


Video of mountain lion stalking hiker for 6 minutes goes viral

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5 Ways to Prep and Save for Holiday Shopping

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