Granger Smith posted a picture of himself walking through a huge concert crowd and giving high fives to fans with the caption of “No More Rules” to give fans online a jolt.

Granger posted to Instagram last night (10/11), “No more rules! We decided we’re completely open for business. No masks, no distancing, just fun. See the pic? No problems!”

He then added, “And then I woke up from the dream and remembered that pic was from 2019… Ahhhhhh how many of y’all just had a panic attack?? Joking is still legal in most states right?”

One fan reacted, “It seems like jokes aren’t even allowed in 2020,” while another fan joked, “Actually, studies have shown that joking actually increases the spread of Covid. #ifitsavesonelife.”

Another fan commented, “Ugh I thought this was real! I was thinking well hell yeah finally someones goin for it! I would support! #trashthemask #yeeyee.”

In an interview with us just last month, Smith said that he “just knows” concerts will return to normal by next year and that he of course can’t wait to high five his fans once again.