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Florida‘s website to register to vote went down earlier this week, on the deadline of all days. The deadline was extended until Tuesday evening but some voters rights groups are asking to get another extension. The hearing was today but tomorrow the final decision from the Federal Judge will be made. Technology can always be iffy, especially if a lot of people are trying to visit one site at the same time.  Secretary of State Laurel Lee confirmed that there were 1.1 million people logging in per hour Monday night. Woah! At first I thought, who the heck hasn’t registered but then remembered that there are many young adults who will be voting for the first time this year.

We will find out tomorrow if the voter registration deadline will be extended.

TODAY: Judge hears lawsuit demanding Florida extend voter registration deadline by 2 additional days

A lawsuit filed by a group of voting rights organization is demanding Florida to extend the state's voter registration deadline by two extra days. Story: htt...


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