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Face masks. Cancelled concerts. Staying home. Keeping distance from others at the grocery store. For those of us who have never had a bout with coronavirus, the disruption in our lives has been a nuisance. But for those who’ve gone through the ordeal, I wanted to know, is there relief once it’s behind you? Does it still affect your every day life? Are there lingering symptoms?

Amanda (left in the photo) and Rachel (right in the photo) are two young fitness fanatics who we’ve had on the podcast before. Amanda is on our sales and marketing team. She ended up in the ER. Rachel writes for this web site. She went above and beyond when it came to taking all the precautions to prevent getting COVID-19… and she still got COVID-19. What’s life like now a few weeks later in Rachel’s case and a few months later in Amanda’s? And is the rumor true about Amanda licking bar room tables in Fort Lauderdale? We learn in this episode of Beating Coronavirus in Tampa Bay.

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa

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