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There was a recent survey conducted asking Americans what would they give up to keep their phone.

This is extremely surprising to me. I thought dogs were a man’s best friend but I guess phones have come in the middle. This survey was conducted with 1,000 smart phone users questioned about their love for their devices.

According to the SimpleTexting, participants of this survey would rather give up these things instead of their phone for a month:

  • 40 percent would rather be separated from their dog.
  • 42 percent would rather be separated from their significant other.
  • More than 60 percent would be willing to give up coffee.
  • 72 percent would rather give up wine.

Now comes some painful switches:

  • 44 percent would rather serve five days of jury duty than be without their device for five days.
  • 47 percent would rather stay with their in-laws for a month, than give up their smartphone for a month.

This is nuts. I wonder if their partners knew about their answers. I bet that would’ve made quarantining a bit awkward.

More on the survey HERE!


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