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Riley Green talked to J.R., Launa and Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe. We wanted to congratulate Riley on winning New Male Artist of the Year at this year’s ACM‘s.

Listen to the whole interview below.

Riley Green is doing a really cool series called, Golden Saw Series in the honkey-tonk his grandfather owned where he made his debut around 11 or 12 years old. “Yeah, it was. There’s my great grandparent’s house. We sawed some lumber and built the stage and started inviting these old guys over to play and sing country music. And I sort of was the kid out there watching their fingers and figuring out how to play chords. And it became a pretty big thing and is, you know, to be hard old people out there every Friday night. Been going on for like 15 years now.”

Riley Green continued, “And I was, I was out at my grandmother’s, you know, and went and watched it during the break. And it was just kind of sad. A lot of the folks that used to go out there and passed on, it wasn’t a big crowd anymore. And the show didn’t last as long because there weren’t any musicians. So I thought doing this little Golden Saw Series would bring a whole new life to that place and maybe keep that tradition going and also be a good way to get some songwriters down and kind of let them tell stories about how they wrote songs.”

As far as the most famous person in Riley Green’s phone right now? “Probably Randy Owen. you know, Randy did a song with me on my EP that just came out. From Alabama. So that was a pretty, pretty huge moment for me because he’s a pretty, pretty legendary guy.”

Listen to the entire interview to hear about how Brad Paisley introduced him to MLB star, Mike Trout.

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