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We have some incredible people living right here in the Tampa Bay Area.

Nikita Alekseev is a former NHL first round draft pick for the Tampa Bay Lightning and now is on his way to becoming a sworn firefighter for the city of Tampa. Since his days as a Bolt, he has graduated from the fire academy, had EMT training and is finishing his final days of recruit training for Tampa Fire Rescue over the next week. That’s incredible! According to ABC Action News, Alekseev and 14 others are part of the department’s first recruit class during the pandemic. He’s been training for a while now and had an interview with ABC Action News from December 2019. Check out the video below:

Former Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Alekseev training to become a firefighter

Former Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Alekseev is training hard to become a firefighter in Hillsborough County. Story:

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