Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic from the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King is speaking about an upcoming documentary on Investigation Discovery. Exotic wrote a letter, for the second time, to Lil Brownie, a co-host from Big Mama and The Wild Bunch, a morning show on our sister station, B103 in Florida.

The incarcerated star first wrote a four-page handwritten letter on June 24, 2020, explaining to Lil Brownie (real name: Amanda Pizanna) that the prison system is “out of hand” and how the “sanctuary business is a scam.”

In his new letter, received today, Exotic claims that a second season of Tiger King is currently being filmed. We reached out to Netflix, who has not yet responded to us.

He also mentioned Investigation Discovery’s new show based on Tiger King; indeed, Investigation Discovery tweeted about the show (Joe Exotic: Tigers Lies and Cover-Up) last night. Exotic says the show will prove the “Government covered up so many crimes for this personal agenda.”

Per Discovery ID, “The show takes a new look at the evidence surrounding [Carole Baskin’s former husband Don] Lewis’s mysterious disappearance, helmed by an exclusive jailhouse interviews from the biggest character in the world: Joe Exotic himself…. Retired homicide investigator Jim Rathmann leads the investigation to discover the truth, revealing new theories uncovered by private investigators, reliving Lewis’s final days and demeanor with those closest to him, and unpacking evidence uncovered by criminal and legal experts.”


See The Full Letter Transcription Below:

Lil Brownie,

Hey, thank you and all of your listeners for the continued support and love, know I send my love to everyone of you and your families, lots of things have happened, Don Lewis got a long overdue funeral 23 years later and there is now a 100k reward out for information leading to his killer.

Too bad it took me over a decade and costing my freedom and cost my freedom to make this happen, but the world now knows how corrupt our justice system is when one Rich evil women can get the Department of Justice to knowingly lie under oath to convict an innocent man to shut him up, but they were not expecting Tiger King to be such a hit and show so much of the truth.

Lil Brownie, my team took my pardon to D.C, this week with the proof that the assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Green and Federal Agent Matthew Bryant, conspired with witnesses to lie under oath and kept the proof of evidence from the jury with protection orders just to convict me.

So I am asking you and all of your listeners to flood President Trump’s, Don Jr’s, Marco Rubio’s and every politicians twitter everyday asking to make this right and sign my pardon right away and shoe America that this Administration or any other will not stand for corruption within D.O.J and allow me to home to Dillon and my Dad before he dies like mom has, Carole Baskin not just cheated Don Lewis from his family but her and Jeff Lowe, Allen Glover and James Garretson. Has taken 2 years of my life, my last days with my mom away I pray Trump signs this before I loose my dad or Dillion.

Season 2 of Tiger King is being filmed and Discovery ID has a show coming out of the end of September of this year which will show the proof the Government covered up so many crimes for this personal agenda.

For Carole Baskin, these shows will all go back to 2016 where this all started with the former director of the Federal Wildlife Service used his government position to add generic tigers on the endangered species list to benefit his position as CEOF of the AZA and Caroles 20 year plan which was to shut every private owner but her.

America will never be great and the people of America will never Be. Safe. from Government Corruption until the people in charge such as D.A’s prosicuters, agents, are all held to the oath they take and that is to uphold the constitution and equal justice to find the truth not just a conviction.

Please help save my life and ask President Trump to sign my pardon right away.

Thank you all, Be my voice of justice reform.

Joe Everyone

Joe Exotic

P.S my new album should be out and  my new single about Travis dying called Travis and me.

Please play my music to bring awarness for my fight for justice.

My private investigator Eric Love now has the text from James + Agent Bryant saying they wanted this queer in prison and they kept this from the jury also.


This story was written by Amanda Pizanna, Melvin Vigo and Katherine Viloria.