Caylee Hammack took to her Instagram stories yesterday (9/1) in a post that has since been deleted sharing the story she saw on Twitter about a young Texas girl getting abused.

Caylee posted on Twitter yesterday, “I had so many ppl tell me yesterday in DMs to be careful about talking about fighting child abuse bc I could be cancelled for it. This is one thing I cannot stay quiet about. Sorry, not sorry.”

Hammack, in a video posted to her Instagram stories, shared some of the little girl’s story. “Her brothers are getting abused as well and no one listens and there’s videos of child protection service agents pushing her back into her mother’s arms and not taking her out of the situation and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s doing anything about it. And the beautiful thing about social media is we can unite as one and have a powerful voice.”

She continued, “I know we’re not the agent of power and I know we’re not the ones to fix this is… There’s so much s— online and social media is used so much by the devil that I am determined that if all this bad can go around when I am able to identify something in which I think I can use my voice, I’m gonna do it. Especially if it’s children, like, this is CHILDREN. I know I sound like a psychopath but I can’t and see this s— come up on my Twitter and not talk about it.” There have been a lot of posts about the situation, most of which use the #StandForSophie hashtag.

She concluded with, “If this bothers you and it should, I’m gonna just share one phone number and if you call it to attention maybe that is what saves this child.”

She then posted the little girls name, which is Sophie Long, and this information to her stories – The Texas Abuse hotline – 1-800-252-5400.

Caylee said she herself called and encouraged others to do the same.

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