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Thomas Rhett talked to J.R., Launa and Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe and we asked Thomas about his wife’s bestselling book called Live In Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes. Find out why Thomas told us that his wife made him look like a complete jerk.

“I’m so proud of her. It’s just it’s unbelievable all she’s accomplished the last couple years. But this was just this was the cherry on top for sure. To watch your wife write a book is an amazing feat in the first place. But to watch it be on a New York Times best-selling list is just absolutely mind-blowing. And I’m so proud of her. ”

Thomas on if there was anything he wished she maybe had kept out of the book, “Yeah. I mean, there was definitely a few parts that I look like a complete jerk. Um, but I also think, you know, I think wives across the country can say a lot of things along the same lines as Lauren said about me, and they were very warranted. So I’m glad that she was able to be so raw and so vulnerable in that book because I do think there’s a lot of marriages that can benefit from knowing that they’re not the only ones dealing with certain issues. So, like I said, man couldn’t be more proud of her because the book is incredible and things can help out a lot of people.”

On getting Reba to sing on Be A Light, “I’ve always wanted to do a song with Reba and never in a million years I think she would say yes to this. But I asked her to do it and she immediately said yes.”

Thomas Rhett on what has changed since quarantine: “I’ve definitely come a long way, man. So about 20 days in the quarantine, I started to mop every day. I started to clean the toilets. I started to do I mean, the moment a coffee cup went into the sink it was in the dishwasher immediately. And so I feel like I’ve become a very OCD cleaner over quarantine. And I think it’s it’s made my wife extremely happy, so.”