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Rob Gronkowski has made his way to Tampa and he wants to make his presence known by starting a Youtube Channel with his brothers.

There is no better time for Gronk to make a Youtube Channel, especially with a lot of us still at home not doing much. The channel is called The Gronks and here is their intro video:

The Gronks Are Taking Over YouTube

Rob Gronkowski, one of the biggest names in sports is coming to YouTube and he's bringing his four talented brothers with him. Videos drop every Tuesday so t...

There are already three videos on their channel, one is the intro, the next one is an older video from a Beer Pong Challenge and the newest is a fishing video that was recorded just south of Tampa in Longboat Key:

BlacktipH and the Gronk bros go fishing for MONSTERS - and try not to throw up | The Gronks Vlog #2

The Gronkowski brothers go fishing with BlacktipH for massive Goliath Groupers! The brothers quickly found out just how rough the sea can be... Check out Bal...

It looks like they are having a lot of fun. I don’t know when these videos were recorded but I am glad we can live through them. During the intro video, Gronk hinted at some special guests… Other Bucs players might make an appearance soon.

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