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Tampa Bay area students are returning to school in the next few week and it might be different but there are still some things us parents can do with our kids to make it seem normal. A lot of traditions can still be done and I think it’s an awesome way for kids to get excited for school, instead of nervous. Here are a few things you can do before you head off to school to drop off your kids or turn on the computer to begin lessons:

  • Pick out the First Day Outfit – This is great for both virtual and in person learners. First day outfits are always a big deal and if they are physically going to school they can match the outfit with a fitting face mask.
  • Take “First Day of School” Photos – Just because there will be social distancing or virtual learning this year, your kid is still hitting a big milestone. Document it with a great photo you will cherish forever!
  • Night Before Back to School Meal or Dessert: We still do this in our house! My son lets us know what he wants for dinner and I order a cake from Publix celebrating his return to school.
  • Help Give back – If you have the means, make it a tradition to spend some time and money helping families in need with school supplies, gear or backpacks.

These ideas are a great way to keep old traditions and make new ones. Times are different but we learn to cope.

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[Source: CAFE MOM]

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