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Oops… Has your child ever done something like this?

A visit to the Museum of Glass in Shanghai recently turned into a nightmare scenario for two young kids.

The Disney castle on display is one of the things people come to see.  It took over 500 hours to build and it features over 30,000 individual pieces and is decorated in 24-carat gold.  The castle, which is based on the Cinderella Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort, was given to the museum in 2016 to mark its fifth anniversary.

Two of the kids were chasing each other around the museum when they bumped into and broke a $64,000 glass replica of the Disney castle.

The good thing is that the castle isn’t completely damaged.    Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted he will travel to Shanghai to repair the castle.

Poor parents….wonder if they will have to pay for anything?

You can read more about this on

Children running in museum knock over £50,000 glass sculpture of Disney castle - Today News

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